Radiohead 'erase' their internet presence amid rumoured ninth album release

Vocalist Thom Yorke has deleted his Twitter posts Credit: PA

The band Radiohead have erased their presence from the internet in a disappearing act that fans believe heralds the release of a new album.

All posts on the band's Twitter and Facebook pages have been deleted and the band's website is now a blank white page.

Vocalist Thom Yorke is no longer vocal on Twitter, although he joined the social media site in 2010 - all his tweets have been deleted.

Other band members have not fully removed their online presence, although there is appears to be a blank theme going on.

Fans of the Oxford five-piece report receiving leaflets in the post from the band that read: "Sing a song of sixpence that goes - Burn the Witch - We know where you live."

A new album would be the band's ninth studio release, and the their first in five years since 'King of Limbs'.

The band is due to begin a world tour this month.