Thousands of children have being kept away from school as part of a protest against Sats for six and seven-year-olds.

The new, tougher tests are aimed at ensuring children master key employment skills, such as literacy and numeracy.

However, the Let Our Kids Be Kids campaign, which organised the day of action, believes the tests are excessive and will result in children being over-worked.

Do you agree?

Here is a selection of questions and answers from sample Key Stage One and Two English and maths papers sat by primary school pupils between six and eleven.

1. Circle all the determiners in the sentence below:

Two apple trees screened the open windows on one side.

2. Complete the number sentence below:

3 × 8 = 2 × ?

3. What is 35 divided by 5?

4. Sita has seven boxes. She puts two shoes in each box. How many shoes are there altogether?

5. Circle the three nouns in the sentence below:

A whale has an enormous heart that can weigh as much as a small car.

6. Tick the word that completes the sentence:

We were (Worked / works / working / work) on our projects.

7. Write the words "I am" as one word, using an apostrophe. For example: " - - - going to the shops soon."


Q1. Two, the and one.

Q2. 12

Q3. 7

Q4. 14

Q5. Whale, heart, car

Q6. Working

Q7. I'm