David Cameron to make major climbdown on child refugees, ITV News understands

David Cameron. Credit: PA Wire

ITV News understands that the Prime Minister is preparing to make a major climbdown at Prime Ministers Questions on the issue of refugee children.

In the face of a growing rebellion on his backbenches, he is expected to announce that the UK will after all take more unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.

Until now the government had only agreed to take more from the camps near Syria in order to dissuade others from making the perilous journey to Europe.

But backbenchers were prepared to vote against the government on Monday.

Lord Dubs, himself rescued from the Nazi persecution in Europe as a child, has lead the call for Britain to take in 3000 children from Europe.

That measure was blocked in the Commons.

But Lord Dubs has continued his campaign and it's expected the government will now compromise with a deal to bring in an unspecified number.

The scheme will work by making it easier for children who have some kind of connection to the UK to be brought here.