BT increases prices - but some customers will not see an increase in their broadband speeds

Credit: Reuters

Its all about timing. BT customers are receiving letters telling them of an increase in charges - and at the same time it is announcing a rise in profits.

The problem is that some customers see bills increasing - but not their broadband speeds. Today BT's boss told ITV News of a new £6 billion investment in its very fastest connections.

It will concentrate on new developments and businesses - and that upsets customers who already feel left out. Some rural communities are enraged by today's swanky talk of "ultra-fast broadband".

I spoke to one customer who cant download YouTube clips or music files and frequently ends up having to drive miles to get a decent connection.

This is happening at a time when some believe access to fast, affordable broadband is a basic civic right. BT has a special responsibility to help.

It owns the cables and poles that other providers rely on. There wont be wider welcome for the company's broadband plans until it can find ways to help those who still feel that the information superhighway has bypassed them.