May 5 elections: When will I find out the results?

Millions of voters across the UK headed to the polls today to cast their votes in the "Super Thursday" elections.

These include local elections for English Councils, Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the London Assembly, London Mayor, two MPs, and Police and Crime Commissioners.

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Here are the times the results are expected:

  • 10pm

The polls close and tellers will start counting votes.

  • 11pm Thursday

The first council will announce their result.

Sunderland is likely to be among the first but the final results are not expected until 5pm Sunday.

  • 1am Friday

At around 1am Friday, the first Welsh Assembly result is expected, with the last coming in at around 7am.

  • 2am Friday

We'll start seeing some results from the Scottish Parliament poll, with the final result expected at around 8am Friday.

  • Overnight Thursday-Friday

Lots of council results will come in overnight and city mayors will be announced.

Bristol, Salford and Liverpool will likely know who their next mayor is by Friday morning, as results come in overnight.

  • Friday morning

The Police and Crime Commissioner votes will be counted after most of the other polls.

They will likely begin being announced on Friday morning, with results trickling in throughout the day.

  • 3pm Friday

The London Assembly results are expected at this time.

  • 5pm - 8pm Friday

The London Mayoral election result is expected on Friday evening.