Woman jailed for 'horrendous' animal neglect

  • Warning: Contains distressing images

A woman has been jailed for letting her pets starve in "horrendous" conditions at her home.

A "significant number" of dead and decomposing pets were found at Tracey Tindall's home in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in what prosecutors said was one of the "most serious" cases of animal neglect they had ever dealt with.

RSPCA inspectors found "faeces and rubbish everywhere" in Tindall's home and said there was no food, water or bedding for the animals.

Tracey Tindall's bathroom Credit: SWNS

The 46-year-old was jailed for 18 weeks for 20 offences relating to three dogs, five cats and one bearded dragon. She was also ordered to pay £300 costs and a £80 surcharge.

Andrew Davidson, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: "In a kennel in the back garden was the body of a large Mastif dog that was chained to the kennel by its neck.

"It was also in a state of decomposition.

"The officers then looked through the dining room window and saw a ginger cat that was in a very poor condition.

"The inspectors rescued a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Collie that were both in very poor bodily conditions with sunken stomachs.

Tindall told inspectors she had been living with her mother, who suffered from dementia, and had been visiting the house regularly but was "unsure" of how many cats she had.

She said she had three dogs, one dragon, three geckos and a number of cats in the property.

Tracey Tindall's bathroom Credit: SWNS
The remains of decomposing animals found in Tindall's home Credit: SWNS

Tindall confirmed she had been solely responsible for the animals and that they hadn't been looked after as "she would have liked".

Mr Davidson said: "Miss Tindall said she was feeding them when she could but the money she received didn't go far.

"She explained she had no gas or electricity for a month and that she couldn't clean up because she didn't have cleaning products or hot water."

Mr Davidson told the court this was long-term neglect of the most serious type.

Inspectors took pictures of the neglected animals Credit: SWNS

He said: "These animals suffered for a long time because of the deprivation of food and the conditions they were kept in.

"There were far too many animals to be looked after in a property of this size."

Tindall's solicitor, Sara Lyle, admitted the case was "horrendous" and "appalling."

She told the court Tindall was ashamed at letting the situation get out of control.

Since being charged with neglect late last year, Tindall has acquired a further two cats and five kittens, the court heard.