Labour faces bad night in Scotland amid SNP and Conservative gains

Labour is facing a disastrous election night in Scotland, with the party in danger of finishing third behind the SNP and the Conservatives.

The party lost seats to both the nationalists and the Tories, with Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale failing in her bid to take the Edinburgh Eastern seat.

Elsewhere, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson won Edinburgh Central from the SNP and her deputy Jackson Carlaw took Eastwood from Labour's Ken Macintosh, who had represented the area since the Scottish Parliament was established in 1999.

Results across Scotland put Nicola Sturgeon on track to be returned as Scotland's First Minister.

The SNP made a clean sweep of all the Glasgow constituencies - as the party did in last year's Westminster election.

What results have come in so far?

By 5.30am on Friday, 67 of the 73 Scottish Parliament constituencies had declared their results.




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Differing fortunes for party leaders

Kezia Dugdale failed to win in Edinburgh East. Credit: PA

The Scottish Labour and Conservatives leaders were both contesting seats in Edinburgh, but the latter was the only one left smiling when the results came in.

Ms Davidson swept aside her SNP opponent, gaining 30.4% of the vote, an increase of 15.4%.

After winning her seat, Ms Davidson said: "There are people right across Scotland who are sending the SNP a message - the voices and the decision we made as a country will not be ignored.

"Nowhere is that more evident than Edinburgh Central, where we were coming from fourth position."

Meanwhile, Ms Dugdale failed to win in Edinburgh East, coming second to the SNP.

When asked if her party will finish third, Ms Dugdale said: "No idea yet, it's still very early in the evening. There's a lot to happen."

Labour collapse 'staggering', says Sturgeon

Unsurprisingly, Ms Sturgeon was re-elected to her Glasgow Southside constituency.

Speaking before the result, she said the collapse in Labour support across Scotland was "quite staggering".

It has been a good night for the SNP. Credit: PA

Speaking on Friday morning, she said the results were a "huge vote of confidence in the SNP's record in government".

"What we're seeing tonight, not just across Glasgow but the central belt of Scotland, is the SNP replacing Labour - the collapse in Labour support is quite staggering", she said.