Labour MPs say results show Corbyn isn't a vote-winner

I've had lots of conversations and interactions with Labour MPs this morning.

Remember, the majority of Labour MPs didn't support Jeremy Corbyn as leader. So what are they thinking now the leader's first set of election results are in?

Mr Corbyn's opponents were considering making this election the springboard for a coup. But while the results were not good (Labour lost seats, rather than gained them), they have not been bad enough to kick start a leadership battle.

This is a selection of the things they have been telling me:

Corbyn is going nowhere. (In every sense).

I love that "not a total disaster" has become a success.

Corbyn used to say "austerity opposition would help win Scotland back".

The 11% swing in Nuneaton from Labour to the Tories is worse than in the general election.

It would be an abdication of his responsibility to claim success.

It's interesting that in London and Wales we did well by distancing ourselves from Corbyn.

It's safe to say they are not a happy bunch.

As I blogged earlier this morning, it seems they are not about to launch a challenge for the leadership right now. But they are still talking about doing it next year. Let's see.