'Spitting Image' Queen painter has another go at painting the monarch

Dan Llywelyn Hall spent three hours with the Queen painting the portrait Credit: PA/Dan Llywelyn Hall

An artist whose portrait of the Queen was mocked for looking like a Spitting Image puppet has unveiled a new painting of the monarch.

Dan Llywelyn Hall's 2013 expressionist-style painting initially drew comparisons to the ITV satirical puppet show Spitting Image, which featured caricatures of 1980s and 90s celebrities.

His initial 5ft by 4ft canvas showed the Queen sitting in an ornate chair with her hands in her lap and and was designed to mark the 60th anniversary of the Coronation.

The latest painting, which shows the Queen sitting in the same position wearing the same outfit but from a different angle, will be at the centre of an exhibition showcasing around 20 portraits of Great Britons in London.

The 2013 portrait drew unfavourable reviews Credit: PA/Dan Llywelyn Hall

Asked about what he thinks the reaction will be to his new oil on canvas portrait, Hall said: "It is well beyond my control."

To complete the painting, Hall spent a day at Windsor Castle with the Queen sitting for him for around three hours.

"It is quite an informal thing really. She's not sat there rigid ... she's quite animated," he said.

Hall added that the whole experience was "enormously" fun.

The exhibition, which runs from May 9 to 14 at the Haymarket Virgin Money Lounge, also features portraits of singers Amy Winehouse and David Bowie, Monty Python star Michael Palin, Oscar winner Sir Michael Caine and actress Dame Barbara Windsor.