Boris Johnson: Brexit would not cause World War Three in Europe

Boris Johnson says he does not believe leaving the EU would cause World War Three to break out in Europe.

Using a speech to persuade voters to vote Leave in the coming EU referendum, he called the EU an "accelerating effort to build a country called Europe".

Labelling arguments for remaining as "wholly bogus", he argued "we have got to stop trying to kid the British people".

"Loss of democratic control is spiritually damaging, and socially risky, and the economic benefits of remaining subject to the single market law making machine, as opposed to access to the single market are in fact very hard to detect," he said.

The Conservative MP added instead of devolving power, the elite are attempting to centralise it with "more Europe".

Johnson added that anyone considering voting to remain should "look again" at the prime minister's EU deal and the "total failure to secure any change of any significance".

Brexit could jeopardise peace in Europe, Cameron warns

On a warning made by David Cameron earlier today that Brexit could jeopardise peace in Europe, Johnson asserted that peace in Europe has been "guaranteed" by NATO.

Calling on voters to "take back control", he said it is the 'Leave' camp which stands "in the tradition of the liberal cosmopolitan European enlightenment".