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Birthday celebrations will 'show Queen's passion' for horses

A horse trainer who is readying a number of horses for the Queen's birthday celebrations this week says "we will all see" how passionate the Queen is about horses.

Katie Jerram - who is training six and has trained more than 20 in total for the Queen - says the show will be all about "the horse and her majesty".

ITV News correspondent Nina Nannar spoke to Katie Jerram in Windsor:

She's very passionate and we'll all see over the birthday celebrations how passionate she is.

For her birthday celebration to be in her back garden with all her beautiful horses and people from all over the world with their beautiful horses - to me that's somebody that's very passionate about horses because that's what it's all about, the horse and her majesty.

– Katie Jerram

Katie was accompanied by Barber's Shop, a former racing horse which was bred by the Queen Mother before being passed on to the Queen.

"He's a very special horse," she says, adding "he's one of the kindest horses in his his own right".

Katie Jerram grooms Barber's Shop Credit: ITV News

The Queen apparently feels the same way.

She loves to see him and take part with him, and she's so lovely when she sees him, her eyes glisten and he's obviously been a very special part of her life.

– Katie Jerram

Explaining how she happened to start training horses for the monarch, she said she had a "random phone call" one day inviting her to Windsor Castle to ride show-horses - and 12 years later is still with the horses.

On the show, Katie says it's a show "we'll probably never see again...and I think anyone who is missing it is missing a great big deal."

You can watch live coverage of the star-studded event, hosted by Ant & Dec, on ITV from 8.35pm on Sunday.

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