David Cameron and Nigel Farage to take part in live EU referendum event on ITV

David Cameron and Nigel Farage will take part in a live EU referendum event on ITV, the broadcaster has announced.

The two party leaders will each take questions from a studio audience during an hour-long programme moderated by Julie Etchingham.

"Cameron and Farage Live: The EU Referendum" will be broadcast at 9pm on Tuesday, June 7, on ITV and is the first of two live events on ITV ahead of the vote.

British voters will take part in an in/out referendum on June 23.

Mr Farage, the UKIP leader, will take questions first from the audience of up to 200 people, who will be drawn from across the UK. The prime minister will then take the floor.

ITV will broadcast a second live programme two days later, again moderated by Julie Etchingham, who moderated ITV's Leaders' Debate during the 2015 General Election campaign.

Julie Etchingham will moderate both programmes on ITV. Credit: ITV

The ITV Referendum Debate will be broadcast live from 8pm to 10pm on Thursday, June 9, featuring yet-to-be announced political figures from both sides. The format will be similar to the 2015 leaders' debate.

Michael Jermey, ITV’s Director of News and Current Affairs said: "The referendum is an enormously important event for the future of Britain.

"We know our viewers want to make an informed decision and these live programmes will give people a chance to directly compare the remain and leave cases.

"People will be able to hear leading politicians on both sides of the debate put forward their arguments in the same place and in the same programme.

“An equal opportunity will be given for the leave and remain cases to be heard. Across the two programmes there'll be an opportunity for different shades of opinion from both camps to express their arguments."

Mr Cameron and Justice Secretary Michael Gove will also be quizzed about their campaigns during two live programmes on Sky News.