Azealia Banks' Twitter account suspended after 'racist rant' at Zayn Malik

Azealia Banks launched a tirade of abuse against Zayn Malik Credit: PA

Rapper Azealia Banks' Twitter account was suspended today following accusations of racist and homophobic abuse hurled at former One Direction star Zayn Malik.

Banks first posted an image on Instagram, pointing out what she said were similarities between her previous music videos and the now-solo singer's latest work.

She then launched into a tirade after Malik tweeted, apparently offended at his response - though he denied his posts were directed at her.

Credit: Instagram

She also took aim at 14-year-old Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, who had defended Zayn, and the girl's mother.

On Banks' Twitter account, which was suspended earlier, she claimed Malik had been a "token" member of One Direction to "draw brown attention", calling him "curry-scented" and making remarks relating to Muslims.

She later defended her remarks, saying she was "reminding" him that they were "both in the same boat in this industry and people of colour".

Credit: Twitter

Attempts to visit Banks' Twitter account today returned a message saying it has been suspended, with a link to possible reasons.

Among them, "abusive tweets or behaviour" was listed.

Her account was reinstated by early evening, with Banks complaining of being "victimised" by Twitter, and accusing them of trying to silence her because she is black.

Credit: Twitter

She appeared unapologetic for the episode, posting another image to her Instagram account showing a perfume bottle labelled "curry" - a post which was quickly deleted and replaced with another lamenting about "cry babies".

Fans, however, do not appear amused.

One follower, by the name Prismatic_ramish, commented that the star "needs immediate psychiatric and psychological treatment".

Okdestt added: "She shows racism at its finest."