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Pizza workers saves loyal customer's life after noticing he stopped his regular order

Domino's saved a customer's life after he failed to order from them for over a week Credit: Reuters

Domino's staff saved a regular customer's life after they became worried when he failed to place an order for 11 days.

Kirk Alexander had been ordering pizza from his local branch in Oregon for more than a decade but stopped contact earlier this month.

Concerned for their number one customer, an employee went to the man's house to check on him, before calling 911 when no one answered the door, Oregon Live reports.

Staff at Domino's got help for their best customer when he stopped his orders Credit: PA

Police officers who went to the 48-year-old's home heard him shouting for help and made there way inside.

Alexander, who suffers from severe health problems, was found with a life-threatening medical condition.

Jenny Seiber, an assistant manager at Domino's said "friendly and nice" Alexander doesn't always order pizza, and sometimes chooses pasta, sandwiches and wings.

"It's never the same thing every time," she said.

Alexander is currently in a stable condition at Salem Hospital.