Three die and 23 injured in mass brawl at Moscow cemetery

Investigators and Interior Ministry officers outside the Khovanskoye cemetery Credit: Reuters / Sergei Karpukhin

Three people were killed and 23 injured after a mass brawl took place at a Moscow cemetery, it is being reported.

The fight broke out near the entrance to Moscow's largest cemetery, the Khovanskoye, and allegedly involved almost 200 people from different ethnic groups from ex-Soviet Central Asia.

Police spokeswoman Sofia Khotina said the conflict is believed to have been over providing burial services at the cemetery.

Footage from the scene showed damaged cars Credit: APTN
A black car had appeared to be overturned in the mass brawl Credit: APTN

Police confirmed two victims died after being struck by a car, driven by someone trying to flee. Fifty people were detained after police intervened.

It was reported some of those involved in the brawl used baseball bats, steel bars, shovels and firearms.