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Teacher writes scathing open letter of resignation to Nicky Morgan

Zoe Brown criticised a string of government education policies, which she said left the system 'broken'. Credit: Zoe Brown

An assistant headteacher has written a scathing open letter of resignation to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

Zoe Brown, who writes the Girl on the Piccadilly Line blog, accused the Conservatives of "obliterating" the education system in the six years she has been a teacher.

Ms Brown criticises a string of the government's education policies, including the introduction of more rigorous testing and the government's academisation programme.

She said the only thing "worse than being a teacher in this system is being a child at the mercy of it".

She also tells Mrs Morgan that she has made her job even more unbearable than her predecessor Michael Gove did.

"I was delighted when Gove went. I knew there was every chance he’d be replaced by someone equally awful but I couldn’t imagine things getting worse. I figured the Tories were done playing with education and they’d move on to something else. I was so wrong."

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. Credit: PA Wire

She ends the blog, which is headlined "Sorry Nicky, I'm out", by saying:

Worse than being a teacher in this system is being a child at the mercy of it and to them I say this: we tried our best to fight these changes: we rallied, we went on strike, we campaigned and made as much noise as we could. I’m sorry it didn’t work and I’m sorry that I’m not strong enough to keep working in this system but as I’ve told many of you many times: when someone is being mean to you – you ask them to stop. If they continue to be mean you walk away. It is now time for me to walk away. I’ll keep up the fight though.

Maybe in time things will change and, when that time comes, I can come back to the job I loved but until then sorry Nicky – I’m out.

Yours Sincerely,


P.S: One last thing – if you do end up losing your job over your shambolic running of the Education System – make sure they don’t replace you with Boris.

– Zoe Brown

Ms Brown's post was subsequently shared multiple times on Twitter.

Earlier this month, the government confirmed a major U-turn in its forced academisation plan, saying not all state schools in England will be forced to become academies.