'Barbaric' Baghdad bombings kill 77 and injure over 140

A series of suicide bombers killed 77 and injured 140 on Tuesday Credit: Reuters

The White House has condemned Tuesday's suicide bombings in Baghdad that has left at least 77 people dead and over 140 injured.

So-called Islamic State have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing which killed 41 and wounded more than 70 in the northern district of al-Shaab, as well as car bomb in nearby Sadr City, that left 30 dead and 57 injured.

The suicide bombings took place in al-Shaab, Sadr City and al-Rasheed Credit: Reuters

A further six were killed after a car exploded in al-Rasheed, south west of the Iraqi capital, wounding a further 21. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility.

The attacks come just days after a spate of car bombings killed over 90 people in nearby areas.

It was reported Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered the arrest of the official in charge of al-Shaab's security on Tuesday, allegedly without giving a reason.

Pictures from the scene showed badly damaged vehicles Credit: Reuters

Fears are growing that Baghdad could relapse into the bloodletting of a decade ago, when weekly sectarian-motivated suicide bombings killed scores of people and set off revenge attacks against the Sunnis.

Cleric Moqtada al-Sadr blamed the government for failing to provide adequate security, and deployed loyal militiamen to the streets in Sadr City and other Shi'ite areas.

In a statement, al-Sadr called the bombings "the clearest evidence that your government has become incapable of protecting you and providing you with security".