Severed foot found in park is 'probably medical exhibit'

A severed human foot found in a park is probably an anatomical specimen used in teaching, police said.

The left foot was discovered by dog-walkers on top of bramble bushes in Weston Park East, Bath, in February.

Detailed forensic tests have since been carried out by police and the Home Office.

A Home Office pathologist told the BBC the foot's genetic material appeared to have been "killed by something", which made further identification very difficult.

Detectives also spoke with local educational and health care providers and the local authority as they tried to establish who the foot belonged to.

Temporary Detective Inspector Paul Catton said: "We have carried out an extensive investigation into the foot and we have exhausted all active lines of inquiry pending any new information.

"We are satisfied that no crime has been committed and that the foot is more than likely an exhibit from a medical or educational establishment."