Ebola survivor's aunt: 'How could this happen to such a lovely girl who just wanted to help?'

Anne Rennie, the aunt of Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey. Credit: ITV/Tonight

Pauline Cafferkey's aunt has relived the emotional moment she found out the Scottish nurse had contracted Ebola while volunteering in Sierra Leone.

In an emotional, exclusive interview for ITV News and the Tonightprogramme, Anne Rennie described the "horrendous" phone call when she learnt the shocking news.

Pauline was diagnosed with Ebola after returning from West Africa in December 2014, but miraculously beat the virus.

News of her diagnosis quickly became national news on December 29, 2014, and the uncertain outlook cast a long shadow over her family.

Anne told Tonight she was devastated that her "lovely" niece had become infected.

"Her sister Karen contacted the hospital," she said. "I received a phone call maybe 20 minutes, half an hour later, and it was horrendous.

"Karen says that Pauline's got Ebola, and even just to hear that over the phone...I was on my own, and all I could think of was Pauline, Pauline.

"How could this happen to such a lovely girl who just wanted to help people?"

Pauline's battle against Ebola affected the entire family, and continues to do so.

Watch more of their story in the Tonight programme.

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