Paris and Brussels attacks suspect Mohamed Abrini 'takes part in police reconstruction'

A man, believed to be Mohamed Abrini, is led out of his former apartment Credit: ITV News

ITV News has obtained video of a man believed to be Paris and Brussels terror suspect Mohamed Abrini being led out of his former apartment by police as investigations into his alleged IS terror cell continued.

The moment, captured by a neighbour, happened on Thursday afternoon in the Brussels suburb of Schaerbeek.

Belgian prosecutors confirmed they conducted a reconstruction of events leading up to March's terror attacks in the city.

Local media reported that Abrini - known as the 'man in the hat' after he appeared on airport CCTV alongside suicide bombers Ibrahim and Khalidel-Bakraoui - took part in the reconstruction.

ITV News' video shows a suspect hidden under a blanket being led out of an apartment block by heavily-armed police officers.

Abrini was arrested on April 9 after allegedly fleeing the scene of March's twin suicide blast at Brussels airport.

He is suspected of previously being part of the IS terror cell which carried out a string of attacks in Paris last November.