Vauxhall faces demands to take Zafira B cars off the road over fire risk

A Zafira which went up in flames in west London. Credit: PA

For months ITV News has been broadcasting images of Vauxhall Zafira B cars in flames.

Today the manufacturer faces new demands that these vehicles are taken off the road.

The company has announced a second recall affecting the same cars.

  • Vauxhall told ITV News there have been 266 Zafira B fires
  • 234,938 cars are affected by the recalls
  • So far around 144,000 have had repairs designed to make them safe

But Vauxhall admits 14 Zafiras caught fire even after that modification.

Now all will be recalled a second time and fitted with three redesigned components

The affected Zafira B model. Credit: Vauxhall

Owners will be getting new recall letters in August - but some have told us they have lost faith in Vauxhall and believe cars should be taken off the roads and safe replacements provided.

Vauxhall refused our interview request but told us the fire risk is created by "improper repairs" - and the firm denies a design fault.

The company says its new recall will improve the "robustness" of components.

Vauxhall is urging owners to still respond to the first recall - even as it launches its second.

For full details of the recall visit Vauxhall's customer advice page.