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Welsh victim in EgyptAir crash was 'kind, loving' father-of-two, brother says in moving tribute

The Welsh victim of the EgyptAir crash was a "kind, loving" father-of-two who was "admired by many", his brother has told ITV News.

ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports:

Alastair Osman said his brother Richard, aged 40, had welcomed his new baby daughter into the world less than a month ago.

Richard had a home in Paris, he said, and also had a 14-month-old daughter with his wife Aurelie.

Aurelie was the one who raised the alarm when the news his flight had gone missing first broke.

Richard Osman and Aurelie on their wedding day Credit: Athena Picture Agency

Describing his brother as a "workaholic" and "health-conscious", Alastair added: "It's so tragic. I can't believe it."

Richard was a very kind person, a loving person, very focused. He was a workaholic, and never deviated from a straight path.

He was a very admirable person and a lot of people admired him for his strength and values.

– Alastair Osman

Raised in Carmarthen, Wales, Richard Osman was the eldest of four children.

He worked in the gold-mining industry and was one of 66 people on the EgyptAir flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo when it came down in the Mediterranean.

The trip would have been one of his regular work-related visits, Alastair said, which he made at least once a month.

Alastair told ITV News his family were still holding out hope that the pilot may have been able to land safely on the water - but said as time went on, he was trying to prepare himself for all possibilities.

Richard Osman Credit: Athena Picture Agency
Richard Osman Credit: Wales News

Speaking on suggestions the plane may have been targeted in a terrorist attack, he added:

This is the reality of ISIS and groups like that. It's indiscriminate. They don't think any of these people have family members, or a past, or a history of hopes and dreams.

It's indiscriminate. It happens, you know what I mean - I still really can't believe that it has actually, or there's a great possibility that it has happened.

– Alastair Osman

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