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EastEnders fans in tears at Peggy Mitchell's goodbye note to son Phil

Phil reads the note his mother Peggy left him. Credit: BBC/EastEnders

EastEnders fans were reduced to tears again on Thursday night when Phil Mitchell read a note his mother Peggy had left him before she died.

Viewers heard Peggy, played by Barbara Windsor, narrate a heartbreaking goodbye message to her son as he attempted to come to terms with his mother's decision to end her life.

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  • Peggy's message to Phil
Peggy Mitchell was killed off in EastEnders this week. Credit: BBC/EastEnders

My darling Phil. I’m writing your letter last - because it’s the hardest.

You’re probably angry with me but one day I hope you’ll accept my decision.

I only have one regret: I should never have asked you to help me.

It was selfish. I was scared. I was worried about being alone. But I’m not scared now.

And I’m not alone. Phil, you’re surrounded by people who love. Just try to love yourself as much as they do, as much as I did. Because I always loved you - from the moment I first held you in my arms.

My gorgeous boy. My first, best, boy.

– EastEnders

Viewers hailed Steve McFadden's stunning performance as Phil Mitchell, with many saying it left them overwhelmed with emotion.

Nearly seven million people tuned in to watch beloved character Peggy Mitchell's farewell from Albert Square after 22 years.

She took an overdose after discovering her cancer was terminal.

Viewers saw her reunite with her sons, Phil and Grant, and her hallucination of the ghost of her former rival turned friend, Pat Butcher.