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Boxer Nick Blackwell attacks Eubank Jnr for holding a press conference and partying while he was in a coma

Boxer Nick Blackwell Credit: GMB

Boxer Nick Blackwell is furious that Chris Eubank and his son gave a press conference while he was in a coma after the fight.

Blackwell, 25, also blasted Eubank Jnr for going out partying rather than checking to see if he was recovering.

Blackwell told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "I was just a little disappointed. If Eubank was in that situation and he was in a coma I would want to go and see him.

"The whole thing with the press conference, my family had begged them not to do it and they still went ahead."

Nick Blackwell recovering in hospital Credit: GMB

Blackwell developed a swelling on the brain during his fight with Chris Eubank Jnr on March 26 at Wembley.

The fight was halted in the 10th round and he was taken to hospital where doctors put him in a coma.

Three days later the Eubanks held their press conference.

Blackwell added: "I haven't got anything against him as a fighter, I think he's a really good fighter. But as a person, some of the things he has said and done, personally I wouldn't have done."

Blackwell and Eubank during the fight

Chris Eubank Snr, 49, was overheard during the match telling his son to focus his punches on the body rather than the head.

Blackwell said: "Anyone in boxing knows it was more of a tactical thing. He couldn't stop me to the head so he wanted to hit me to the body to try and get rid of me."

Blackwell has made a near-full recovery after the fight but has now retired from the sport.

He said he couldn't remember anything about the fight and it was "all a complete blur".

Chris Eubank Snr told GMB: "Public/media pressure was so huge we felt we had to hold the press conference. It was done with the full knowledge of the Boxing Board of Control. Nick is a wonderful man and gentleman and warrior."