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Mum of man who died after eating takeaway curry: I regret not being there to help my son

Paul Wilson (centre) with his parents Keith and Margaret. Credit: Family handout

The mother of a man who died from a peanut allergy after eating a takeaway curry has spoken of her heartbreak at not being there to help her son.

Paul Wilson, 38, specifically asked for "no nuts" when he ordered a chicken tikka masala from the Indian Garden restaurant but he was found dead hours later after suffering a fatal allergic reaction.

Mohammed Zaman, the restaurant's owner, has been jailed for six years after being convicted of manslaughter.

Margaret Wilson said she was devastated at the thought of her only son dying on his own on the bathroom floor.

"My regret is that I wasn't there," Margaret tearfully told ITV Calendar.

"Even if I couldn't have done anything - just to think he was there on his own."

She described Paul as a "wonderful son" and "Mr Perfection" who loved his job as a bar manager.

Paul's father Steve said: "I've lost a son, I've lost a best friend."

Paul Wilson was a bar manager. Credit: Family handout

The couple, who have lost their only son, said Paul was "meticulous" about his condition and dealing with nuts throughout his career in the hospitality industry.

Even the smell of peanuts could trigger an allergic reaction, they said.

Margaret and Keith last spoke to Paul shortly before he took a mouthful of the curry.

"His last words were:' I love you both - talk tomorrow'".

Mohammed Zaman was convicted of killing Mr Wilson. Credit: SWNS

The restaurateur responsible for their son's death was heavily in debt and decided to swap almond powder in recipes for the cheaper groundnut mix - without telling customers.

Margaret said her son's death could easily have been avoided if Zaman had been honest with customers.

She said she was "bitter and angry" at Zaman's negligence which cost her son's life.

"We hope the food industry take note and become more aware, and for people with allergies to be more aware for themselves."