Cameron: Family holiday prices will rise if UK votes for Brexit

Family holidays to Europe could rise by an average of £230 if Britain leaves the EU, David Cameron has warned.

The prime minister argued that the value of the pound falling is expected to fall if the UK votes for Brexit and that a weaker pound would mean people's "hard-earned savings" not going as far on holiday.

He made the comments during a speech at EasyJet Luton.

According to Cameron, a 12% fall in the value of the pound will mean increased bills for accommodation, food, drink and other costs abroad.

He said that analysis by the Treasury showed that on average, after two years, a family of four would spend 230 pounds more during an eight-night holiday in Europe.

According to Government calculations, by 2018 the weaker pound will mean four people on a nine-night break to Spain could pay £225 more.

It calculated that eight nights in France would rise by £210, a fortnight in the US by £620 and 10 nights in Portugal would go up by £325.

He also said that the cost of air travel could rise, as could the cost of data roaming charges.

A full ban on data roaming charges in the EU is due to come into effect in 2017.

Budget airline and mobile phone giants have backed suggestions that cheap flights and lower-cost overseas calls would also make holidays more expensive in the case of Brexit.

Carolyn McCall, chief executive of easyJet, said the common aviation area created by the EU means that any European airline can to fly anywhere in Europe.

She said: "This has kept all airlines' costs low and has enabled low fares airlines like easyJet to expand".

The prime minister says that a weaker pound means people's money won't go as far on holidays overseas. Credit: Reuters

It is the latest in a series of warnings from the government that voting to leave the EU would make Britons worse-off.

It has said that leaving the EU would cause the UK to go into recession, which sparked allegations of scaremongering from the Leave campaign.

The referendum on the UK's EU membership will be held on 23 June.