Harriet Harman: Nude selfie star Kim Kardashian is 'brave and pioneering'

Harriet Harman has defended Kim Kardashian posting naked selfies online, describing the Kardashian women as "brave and pioneering".

The former deputy leader of the Labour party was asked about Kim Kardashian's sharing of nude pictures of herself to support feminism on ITV's Good Morning Britain during an interview about the EU.

She told the programme that the message that comes from the Kardashian women is that they make their own decisions and do not let others tell them what to do.

She said that there was "a kind of bravery and pioneering spirit in them", as she laughed at herself and added "Oh my God, what am I saying here?"

Harman told the show that feminism was about women deciding for themselves what that means, and not being told by others how to be a woman or a feminist.

Harman has previously campaigned to get rid of topless pictures of women on Page 3.

She explained that accessing the internet and seeing nude photos there was different to nude or topless photos appearing in a newspaper.

She added that she believed the Kardashians were controlling their own agenda, but page 3 girls were being produced by male editors for male readers as "fodder".