Tougher action needed to combat 'barbaric' dog fighting

Credit: PA

Tougher punishments for "barbaric" dog fighting and a national register of people banned from keeping the animals are needed, according to a report which has found that dogs are being trained to fight daily.

There is high demand for "status and fighting dogs", according to the League Against Cruel Sports, which also called for an urgent review of the Dangerous Dogs Act, arguing that its breed specific legislation is flawed.

Project Bloodline, the report from a six month investigation also found that a feral cat colony was being kept with "torture victim" animals being bred to be tethered down or used as dangling bait for use in training the dogs to fight for fun. It also found that some animals were being injured even before fights took place.

The report, which will be launched in Parliament today, wants legislation to be clarified and strengthened, and is calling for a minimum of three years behind bars for convicted dog fighters.

The charity is calling for the implementation of a national dog fighting action plan, and recommends the formation of a national task force - led by a senior Government figure - to ensure dog fighting is tackled across the country.