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TUC: 'Brexit would turn clock back on women's rights by decades'

The TUC said Brexit would be negative for workers' rights Credit: PA

Leaving the EU would turn the clock back on women's rights by "decades", a new report suggests.

The Trades Union Congress said a vote in favour of Brexit on June 23 would hit equal pay and protection against pregnancy discrimination.

The TUC said the EU had been instrumental in empowering working women and helping them challenge inequality.

The union organisation said "huge" gains had been made as a result of membership, including equal wages for hundreds of thousands of low-paid women, and paid holidays for 1.5 million part-timers.

Women have made huge gains in the workplace as a result of EU membership, ranging from protection against pregnancy discrimination to fairer pay, holiday and pensions.

Brexit risks turning the clock back decades on these hard-won rights.

I think we should all be very worried when he hear leading Brexiters describing EU social and employment protections as burdens. These laws have helped to improve the lives of millions of working women.

If we pull out of Europe all the leading employment law experts agree that it will be worse for workers' rights, and it is women who stand to lose most.

– Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary