#Votin: Britain Stonger In Europe's video targeting youth vote mocked on Twitter

Credit: YouTube/Britain Stronger In Europe

A video aimed at persuading "the youth" to vote to stay in the EU appears to have misfired, after social media users took to Twitter to lambaste the VOTIN video.

Set to a soundtrack of pumping music the video showcases young people "ravin" in a nightclub, out "shoppin", "makin" as they spray graffiti onto a wall, and "livin" as they parachute out of a plane.

The video then goes on to inform viewers that "Life's better in the EU" before imploring them to register to vote in the June 23 referendum.

Twitter users were quick to poor scorn on the video and its aversion to the letter "e".

The younger a voter is, the more likely they are to vote to stay in the EU, and as such gaining the youth vote is a crucial part of the Remain campaign. However, voter turnout is lowest among those aged 18-24, with only 43% of that age group voting in the 2015 general election.

Writing in the Huffington Post today, Education minister Sam Gyimah, a Conservative MP campaigning to stay in the EU, said a remain vote is "not simply a vote for the status quo; it is a commitment to fighting for a better, stronger, more secure future; with Britain leading the EU, not leaving it".

The video was also seized upon by the Brexit-backing opposition, including James Cleverly, Tory MP for Braintree.