'Hero' diplomat Kevin Vickers wrestles with Dublin protester at military ceremony

This is the moment a Canadian ambassador, hailed a hero for shooting the Ottowa parliament gunman, proved his mettle once more when he tackled a protester at a military memorial ceremony in Ireland.

Former Sergeant-in-Arms Kevin Vickers grabbed the demonstrator who began chanting insults at the Grangegorman Military Ceremony on Thursday.

The Canadian ambassador to Ireland, 59, was at the ceremony commemorating more than 100 British soldiers killed trying to suppress the Easter Rising in 1916 when a man in his 40s attempted to disrupt it.

Wearing an Easter Rising t-shirt, the man stood up during the wreath-laying ceremony yelling: "This is an insult."

The diplomat, 59, grappled with the man before police moved in.

The ambassador grabbed the protester by his black leather jacket. Credit: Tony Gavin/SWNS
He continues to restrain him during a wreath laying ceremony. Credit: Tony Gavin/SWNS

An eyewitness said: "It was just before the wreath party was coming in. The colour party were carrying a Union Jack.

"This man just ran forward and started screaming 'It's a disgrace'. He was tackled by somebody and it was only after that I realised it was the Canadian ambassador."

Police then moved in and the protester was arrested and escorted away. Credit: Tony Gavin/SWNS

A Garda spokeswoman confirmed that a man was arrested in relation to the incident in relation to a public order offence.

Vickers received a standing ovation in the Ottowa House of Commons for his bravery shooting Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who killed a Corporal Nathan Cirillo when he stormed the building in October 2014.

His latest actions were praised on Twitter by Canadian MPs Michelle Rempel and Jason Kenney.

Others likened him to American martial artist Chuck Norris and called for him to be the new face of a $20 banknote.