Britain will find its way after Brexit admits Cameron after weeks of warnings

So do the leaders of the world's biggest western economies care about Brexit?

And has David Cameron just admitted that Britain would actually be fine outside the EU?

In a 32-page-long communique at the end of the G7 summit in Japan there is just one line on the potential impact of the UK referendum.

A few words on Brexit which express the collective view of America's Barack Obama, Germany's Angela Merkel, Canada's Justin Trudeau and others.

They warn of a "potential shock" if there were a result to leave the EU and that it would be a "further serious risk to growth".

So it begs the question: has David Cameron exaggerated the impact on the world economy - and Britain's - if leave campaigners win on June 23?

The EU referendum earned a brief mention at the table of G7 leaders as they collectively warned against a Brexit. Credit: Reuters

So we asked it, at his press conference.

The Prime Minister told us only "one or two people" raised the matter with him at the G7.

That suggests either they are not overly concerned by the prospect of Brexit or they simply don't want to get involved in the sovereign decision of the British people.

He then appeared to say that Britain could after all survive outside the EU.

He has said something similar before the referendum was announced but after weeks of warnings of economic armageddon from David Cameron and George Osborne if we left, it came as a surprise to those of us in the room.

"Britain is an amazing country," he said, and then added, "We can find our way whatever the British people chose."

Mr Cameron did repeat that there is a "real economic risk" if the UK decides to leave the EU and that was a "view shared by other countries" at the G7 summit.

And at a time like this he said we should "listen to friends".

But Leave campaigners will seize on his comments and argue that Mr Cameron has admitted that Britain will survive outside the EU.

In exactly four weeks' time we will be waking up to the result and we will know which vision of the future the British people believed.