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Jeremy Corbyn and Ed Miliband make rare shared appearance at rally

Ed Miliband stood behind Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour leader addressed a campaign rally in Doncaster. Credit: PA Wire

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has joined forces with Jeremy Corbyn for the first since his successor took over the party as the pair campaign against Brexit together.

Despite talk about tension between the two politicians, they put on a united front at a Remain rally of grass roots Labour supporters in the north of England to show "solidarity" with the European Union..

The pair donned hi-vis jackets during a visit to Vulcan Renewables, a biogas renewable energy recycling plant near Doncaster. Credit: PA Wire

At a rally in Doncaster, where Mr Miliband is an MP, the former leader urged Labour voters to think of the message that Brexit would send to the rest of Europe and uphold historic links with the continent.

Throughout our history as a party - the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War - we have shown solidarity.

Think of what our partners across Europe would say if we, the Labour Party were not in favour of remaining in the EU - we, the party of solidarity.

– Ed Miliband

Mr Miliband said young people "take for granted the ability to travel across borders, to work elsewhere, to study elsewhere - think of their future, put their future first".

Mr Miliband has taken a background role in the party since standing down as the leader in the wake of last year's election defeat. Credit: PA Wire

The pair visited Raventhorpe solar farm in north Lincolnshire to deliver a message that Brexit will hinder the fight against climate change because the EU gives Britain clout at global negotiations, and helps fund the development of green technologies.

Mr Corbyn said leaving the EU would pose a threat to fresh air quality and clean beaches.

"Leaving the EU would mean the green spaces, clean beaches and fresh air we want to leave for our children could be at risk," he said.

The campaign is the first time Mr Corbyn and Mr Miliband have teamed up since 2015's change of leadership. Credit: PA Wire

"It would risk investment in new green technologies and the jobs that accompany them, and would leave us open to the Tory agenda, which has been so damaging to our environment."

Pollution and climate change don't respect national borders so we can't hope to deal with these issues if we withdraw into our shell.

We must vote to Remain and continue to work with our European neighbours to stop climate change and protect our environment.

– Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Miliband, who led Labour during the party's disastrous result at the last general election, said voters have a duty to consider the environment.

Mr Corbyn and Mr Miliband have put aside apparent private differences to form a united public front. Credit: Reuters

"The challenge of tackling climate change is a moral responsibility, an economic necessity and the single most important thing we can do for our children and our grandchildren, and leaving the EU would rob us of the ability to overcome that challenge," he said.

Membership of the EU has not only raised the UK's environmental standards but, especially as I know personally from my time as climate change secretary, enabled Britain to drive progress across all member states.

Every major climate change agreement has involved EU leadership. So when it comes to climate change, Britain stands taller and is stronger inside the EU. That is why people who care about this generational challenge should vote to Remain.

– Ed Milliband