At least nine more schools close after bogus bomb threats

At least nine more schools have closed during exam season amid a series of bomb and gunman hoaxes made to schools across the UK.

The £12,000-a-year girls' private Brighton and Hove High School in East Sussex was among the schools forced to evacuate after false bomb threats were made, the Daily Mail reported.

Stella Maris Primary School and Sandgate Primary School in Folkestone also closed after receiving false warnings about a rogue gunman on the premises.

Both schools have since reopened after officers cleared the threat.

Schools were also closed in London, Middlesbrough and Newcastle after bomb threats.

Detective Sergeant James Meanwell told the Daily Mail: "The call [in Brighton] shows similarities to a number of calls that were received at schools in Sussex and others in the UK on Tuesday this week.

"These remain under investigation as malicious hoaxes. We are now investigating this incident as an elaborate hoax and are satisfied that there was no credible threat to the school."

Around 27 schools in Britain were closed on Monday following bogus threats, and a further 16 were shut on Tuesday.