Ken Livingstone dropped from LBC radio show

Ken Livingstone's Saturday morning radio show has been dropped by LBC following his recent controversial claim that Adolf Hitler has supported Zionism.

The former London mayor will not have his contract renewed, bringing an end to his eight-year career with the station.

Mr Livingstone denied that his comments led to the radio station's decision not to renew his contract.

"I was told on Monday that my contract would not be renewed," Mr Livingstone told the Guardian.

"It was an annual contract and doesn’t run out until the end of July/early August. I’ve been on every Saturday since September 2008 except for when I’ve been on holiday...and a break ahead of the 2012 mayoral election."

The politician has not appeared on his weekly two-hour politics programme during the EU referendum campaign because of Ofcom impartiality rules, with political journalist Michael Crick standing in.

Mr Livingston was suspended from the Labour Party in April after he caused a storm with his comment that Adolf Hitler was "supporting Zionism" when he rose to power in the 1930s.