Identity of Ugly Naked Guy in Friends finally revealed

Fans of the popular US sitcom Friends will be familiar with Ugly Naked Guy - the mystery character who lived across the street and was a long-running joke on the TV show.

He only appeared on-screen twice and his face was never revealed - until now.

A year-long investigation by the Huffington Post has finally revealed that the character is played by Jon Haugen.

Jon Haugen - the face of the mysterious Ugly Naked Guy. Credit: Facebook/Jon Haugen

"There’s only one Ugly Naked Guy and that was me," Haugen told the site.

"I wasn’t really expecting them to call me back to do it again. It was the best time in my life - I was the man."

Haugen revealed a few behind-the-scenes secrets from his time on the show. He divulged that in the scene where he is spending time with a nude David Schwimmer, he was not really naked.

"We were just in boxer shorts and they made it look like we were naked," he said.

The cast of Friends. Credit: Reuters

Haugen made his on-screen Friends debut in the season three episode "The One With The Giant Poking Device".

His second and final appearance was on season five's "The One Where Everybody Finds Out", where Ugly Naked Guy moves out of his apartment and Ross gets the flat after he strips and eats muffins with Haugen's character.

Although his moment in the spotlight was fleeting, Haugen always held on to hopes of returning to the iconic set.

"I was hoping they would bring me back and we’d do some more," he said. "Maybe we can create a buzz and get everybody back together.”