Quarter of Britons 'on dating apps' when in relationship

Nearly a quarter of Britons continue to use dating apps even when in a relationship, new research suggests.

A study by smartphone maker HTC found that 24% of Brits kept their profile active even after embarking on a relationship.

The figure rises to 34% in Northern Ireland, while 25% of Britons also admitted to having at least one or more dating smartphone apps installed.

A total of 37% surveyed said that they had met a partner through such an app, while 35% of those in Scotland added that it had led to something meaningful.

Those in gym gear were named as the most attractive female profiles Credit: PA

According to the survey, fashion choices played a crucial role in decision-making when connecting using the apps.

Red was the most eye-catching colour for men, while 38% of women said blue was the most attractive colour on the other sex.

The most desirable fashion choices in profile pictures of men included a suit jacket and skinny jeans, while the "man bun" hairstyle was among the least desirable.

Those in gym gear were named as the most attractive female profiles.

Dating apps have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years, overtaking many dating websites that came to prominence in the early 21st century.

Tinder is currently the number one-ranked free "lifestyle" app on the App Store and is estimated to have more than 50 million users globally, while claiming to have made more than 50 billion matches.