Plane passengers injured during 'severe turbulence'

Passengers on board a Malaysia Airlines flight from London to Kuala Lumpur had to be treated for injuries sustained from "severe turbulence".

Around 34 passengers and six crew members are believed to have been hurt on board the Airbus A380, according to Malaysian newspaper The Star.

A statement released by the airline said that the flight landed on time, and that the incident happened over the Bay of Bengal. It added: "Due to a brief moment of severe turbulence some passengers suffered minor injuries."

The Bay of Bengal is notoriously bad for turbulence Credit: Google Maps

According to the statement, medical crew and senior management attended the aircraft after it arrived in Kuala Lumpur, and assisted the 378 passengers and crew that were on board.

Photos surfacing on social media show disarray, and some reports say that food trolleys were damaged during the turbulence.

One passenger commented on the airline's Facebook post, thanking the crew: "I was one of the passenger in the plane and I think the pilot did the best they could to take us all home safely."