Woman killed in suspected shark attack in Australia

A woman has been killed in a suspected shark attack in Perth, Western Australia.

The 60-year-old diver suffered "significant injuries that are consistent with a shark attack", WA police said.

Fishermen who rushed to help her reported seeing a shark that was longer then their 5.3 metre boat after the attack on Sunday.

It marks the second fatal shark attack in the area within a week. Surfer Ben Gerrin, aged 29, died of his injuries on Friday after he was mauled at Mandurah, south of Perth, on Tuesday.

Diver 'felt something go past'.

Police said the woman in the latest attack in thought to have died almost instantly from her injuries.

Her diving partner had felt "something go past him" and when he surfaced he "saw a commotion in the water" said Police Inspector Danny Mulligan in comments quoted by ABC news.

The Department of Fisheries (DoF) said it was treating then death as a fatal shark attack, and has set out traps in the area.