David Cameron tells ITV News: Boris Johnson's EU budget increase claim 'reckless, misleading and wrong'

Boris Johnson is "reckless, misleading and wrong" for suggesting Britain's contribution to the EU budget will increase, the prime minister has told ITV News.

Asked by political editor Robert Peston whether Boris Johnson's claim that Britain faced an extra £2.4 billion bill from Brussels if it voted to stay inside the EU was correct, David Cameron said the former London mayor was "reckless, misleading and wrong."

Mr Cameron said he has negotiated a reduction in EU spending and said that Britain's rebate can only be given away if the British prime minister agrees.

"Again today, reckless with statistics; misleading with statistics; wrong when it comes to the figures - I would say to people, don't throw away your jobs, your future, on a campaign that is determined to say anything to get the outcome they want."

While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last month ruled out sharing a stage with Mr Cameron for the Remain campaign, the prime minister told ITV News he would be "very happy" to join forces with Mr Corbyn.

"I am very happy to share a stage with anyone who wants us to stay in the EU," he said.