Sisters' touching tribute to mum after learning she won't live to meet grandson

Two sisters came up with a touching way to honour their late mother after learning she would not live to meet her grandchild.

After being told the sad news their mother had terminal lung cancer, they planned a special way for her to still be involved in the birth.

In an emotional YouTube video, Sarah Ingham said: "Wanting our mum to have an important part in the grandchild she would never meets life, my sister decided my mum was to choose the name and tell it to me just before we had to say goodbye.

"My sister and her partner wanted it to be kept secret until the day their baby was born, so I have been keeping it for the last six months.

"Finally on Friday 13th it was time to reveal all and the beautiful little boy entered our world."

Sarah's sister Katrina and partner Danny were given a box which contained a baby grow - with their baby's name on the back.

The happy couple were told to turn it round to reveal the name Sarah and Katrina's mum had chosen for her son - Harrison.

Sarah said the moment was "perfect" as the delivery room was filled with their mum's things and pictures "so she felt close to us".

Little Harrison with a keepsake of his name. Credit: YouTube

Viewers said it was a "beautiful way" for the sisters to remember their mother.

Kirsty Recourt wrote: "Omg you have to stop making me cry. What a lovely moment. Your mam would be mega proud."

While Sparkles 1979 said: "So beautiful and brought tears to my eyes!

"After everything you have been through I'm so happy for you all to have the wonderful gift of Harrison. I think it's so special what your sister did.

"I bet it meant the world to your mum that she could be involved in such a big thing."

Pictures of Sarah and Katrina's mum in the delivery room. Credit: YouTube