Noel Edmonds tells cancer patient 'negative attitude' may have caused his illness

Credit: PA

Noel Edmonds has been lambasted online after he told a cancer patient that he may have caused his own illness by having a "negative attitude".

The presenter had been challenged online after he suggested that a device called an EMPpad could "tackle cancer". The machine claims to use pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate "cellular resonance" in the body.

"A simple box that slows ageing, reduces pain, lifts depression and stress and tackles cancer. Yep tackles cancer!," he wrote on Twitter.

Kidney cancer patient Vaun Earl Norman responded that the device was "quackery" that " should be illegal if it isn't already".

In response, Edmonds suggested that Mr Norman might be responsible for his own illness.

Mr Norman hit back, saying "Wow! How do you know I have a negative attitude. You have no idea who I am. #patronising #cancer... I'm the most positive person I know despite my disabilities and long term ill health. Weird."

He added that the device was "snake oil" writing: "My biggest worry is that some, desperate,very ill person will take on board what Noel Edmonds says and doesn't go to see a qualified doctor."

Twitter users quickly picked up on the row, with many criticising the presenter for both his insensitivity and for promoting an unproven 'cure'.

The EMPpad's website says that some research suggests that low intensity and frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) may help in the treatment of cancer, though it notes it is in "the very early stages".

"EMPpad does not make the claim that PEMF therapy can prevent cancer.," it adds.