Noel Edmonds defends Twitter comment and reveals he had prostate cancer

Noel Edmonds has revealed he suffered from prostate cancer which he claims was helped cured by a box that "tackles cancer".

He told ITV's This Morning he used the EMPpad - a machine which stimulates "cellular resonance" in the body - to cure himself of the disease he believes was caused by stress.

It comes a day after the TV host controversially suggested a cancer sufferer's ill-health was caused by "negative energy" when he promoted the benefits of the £2,315 device on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

When host Phillip Schofield called the question "insensitive", Edmonds defended his claim.

He said: "As someone who until very recently had cancer, all I asked was a question."

Mr Edmonds was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013 and told the ITV programme he overcame his illness by changing his outlook on life.

When questioned by Phillip Schofield on whether stress gave him cancer, he replied: "Yes. I'm absolutely certain".

He said: "I changed my diet, I exercised in a different way and I was in a position to be healthy".

Noel Edmonds said he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013. Credit: Good Morning Britain

In a statement, Cancer Research said his comments on Tuesday were "not just untrue" but "patronising".

"The healthiest people in the world get cancer and it's not because they are negative", they added.

Mr Edmonds appeared unfazed by the criticism and appealed for sufferers to find out as much information about cancer as possible.

"Don't accept the first doctor's view. Don't accept convention necessarily.I believe pulsed electromagnetism has a role to play in tackling cancer and I will always believe that", he said.