Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has accused the 'Leave' camp of trying to carry out a "fraud" on the British people in their efforts to get Britain to leave the European Union.

Mr Miliband believes the Brexit campaign is wooing Labour voters with its immigration rhetoric but really wants to abolish measures protecting workers' rights.

In a speech today he warned of a "bleak future" for workers if Britain leaves the EU.

The 'Leave' campaign are trying to perpetrate what I can only describe as a fraud on the British people. Tories who in the last days of this contest are trying to disguise themselves in Labour clothes.

extract from Ed Miliband's speech

Mr Miliband also used the opportunity to attack the Conservative party.

We should tell the truth: which is that the problems of the NHS, housing, schools and the next generation are much less about people coming here and much more about a Conservative government.

Ed Miliband

Mr Miliband's intervention coincided with the release of a report by former cabinet minister, Yvette Cooper, warning of the damage facing Labour heartlands if the "far right of the Conservative Party" gets its way.

Labour is pushing to rally the party's supporters behind the 'Remain' cause. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/Will Oliver/ PA Wire

The 'Britain Stronger In Europe' report released by Ms Cooper warns that Labour supporters will bear the brunt of austerity measures imposed as a result of a post-Brexit recession.

It also warns that a 'Leave' victory would result in the "far right of the Conservative Party" setting the agenda.

Britain is at risk of being taken over by the far right of the Conservative Party, and Labour communities will be the victims.

Yvette Cooper

Today shadow home secretary Andy Burnham also warned of the "very real prospect" of a vote to leave in the referendum, while deputy leader Tom Watson acknowledged the vote would be close.