Student appeals for help finding missing hand after losing the prosthetic on a night out

Credit: SWNS

A student has appealed for help tracking down her missing prosthetic hand after she lost it on a night out.

Amelia Welch, 20, woke up after the summer ball at Plymouth University to discover that the £3,000 limb was missing.

She fears that she may have forgotten it in a nightclub toilet during the celebrations.

Now the marine biology student has made a public plea in the hope that someone may have picked it up.

Ms Welch, who was born without one of her hands fully formed, said the prosthetic gives her confidence but its cost means it would be virtually impossible to replace.

"It's really special to me because I wear it when I go out. I feel lost without it and it would mean the world to me to get it back," she said.

"It's an aesthetic thing. There are not many things I struggle with, but the prosthetic gives me confidence and it's really expensive."

She has contacted the city's Oceana club where she believes it was lost and the police but has so far had no luck.

Anyone who can reunite her with her lost limb has been offered a £100 reward.