Boris Johnson: £350 million a week goes to the EU and that is an understatement

Boris Johnson has underlined the Leave campaign's central claim that £350 million a week goes to Brussels, saying the figure is an "underestimate".

Mr Johnson said "about half" of the money comes back from the EU, but remains "under the control of EU bureaucrats".

"We don't control that money anymore and a huge quantity of it is simply wasted," he said.

The former London mayor also refuted claims that the key economic statement, which is painted on the side of Vote Leave's battle bus, is misleading.

Mr Johnson went on to insist that "European officialdom" is making "many decisions" on how the UK is run.

"For me that's only part of the problem, for me the real issue is the absence of control generally," he said.

"That manifests itself in all sorts of ways, lack of control of our borders, over our security."

The role of the European Court of Justice, which has been growing so much in the last few years, which is now supreme over our entire legal now making some very, very erratic judgements.

Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson added that it is "wholly wrong" for a foreign court to make decisions on security that affect a sovereign country.