'He's coming - I'm gonna die': Son's chilling texts to mother reveals Orlando shooting horror

A mother has revealed the chilling texts she received from her son as the horror of the Orlando shooting unfolded.

Mina Justice was woken to frantic messages from her 30-year-old son Eddie, who was trapped in Pulse nightclub when a gunman opened fire.

He told his mother he loved her and was being held hostage in a women's bathroom.

He confirmed that "lots" of people had been killed and spoke of his fears that he was next.

“He’s coming - I’m gonna die,” he wrote.

Mina Justice has still not heard from her son. Credit: APTN

At 2.49am, he said: “Hurry - he’s in the bathroom with us.”

She asked: “Is the man in the bathroom wit u?”

At 2:50am, he replied: “He’s a terror.”

Then, a final text from her son a minute later: “Yes.”

Mina has since heard the news that Eddie died - hours after he sent frantic texts saying he thought he would be shot next.