The wife of England striker Jamie Vardy said she feared for her life after she was caught up in violence involving England and Russia supporters in Marseille on Saturday.

Thirty-five people were hurt in fighting after the England vs. Russia match, including one English fan who suffered a heart attack.

Video footage from inside the Stade Velodrome showed England fans being chased across the stands towards security barriers at the end of each row of seats after Russian supporters moved into the England fans' area after the final whistle.

Rebekah Vardy tweeted on Saturday that she had been "teargassed" and "caged", and England supporters were "treated like animals".

Speaking from the couple's home in Leicestershire, she told ITV's Good Morning Britain:

I feared for my life. It was sheer terror, that's the only way I can describe it.

Rebekah Vardy
Leicester City's Jamie Vardy with Rebekah Nicholson at the end of last season. Credit: PA