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Kitten travels 300 miles clinging to pilot's bumper

Lieutenant Nick Grimmer and Tigger. Credit: PA

A kitten went for the 300-mile ride of its life after clinging to the rear bumper of a Navy helicopter pilot's BMW on his journey from Birmingham to Cornwall.

The hitch-hiker was discovered after the pilot heard a "very quiet meowing" coming from his car the following day. After a thorough search he was forced to start dismantling his "pride and joy" and got the surprise of his life after removing the rear bumper and being confronted by a tiny feline.

Tigger Credit: PA

Having journeyed across the country, the kitten, who has been named Tigger, continued its journey by going to work with Lieutenant Nick Grimmer.

"I am never late for work and was left with no option but to take my new friend in with me," said the punctual pilot.

Luckily the tiger-stripped kitten was unhurt during its journey and settled down for a snooze in the pilot's flying helmet.

Tigger settles down for a snooze inside the helmet. Credit: PA

We are more than happy to adopt Tigger as a mascot. After all, it is a tradition for Royal Naval units to have a ship's cat.

With the help of social media they are hoping to be 'mission complete' by the end of the week.

They'd better be, as we are due to join the rest of our squadron who are currently embarked on HMS Ocean on exercise in the Baltic before sailing for the Mediterranean," said Commander Spoors.

– Commander Brendan Spoors, Commanding Officer of the Flying Tigers

Following detective work, Commander Spoors added that the kitten must have an owner somewhere between the base and Birmingham, and that his team has been instructed to launch "Operation Tiger Kitten" in order to track them down.