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Laser treatment could help thousands with prostate problems

Thousands of men will benefit from the new treatment. Credit: Cancer Research UK

More than 13,000 men with prostate problems could benefit from a new laser treatment which has been given the go ahead for NHS use.

An estimated 60% of men over 60 suffer with an enlarged prostate, which makes it difficult to pass urine.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said men with the condition should be treated with the GreenLight XPS laser to help relieve symptoms instead of conventional surgery.

of men over 60 are affected by prostate enlargement
men with enlarged prostates could benefit

Professor Carole Longson, from Nice, said: "Whilst benign enlarged prostates may not be life threatening, the condition can impact on men's lives significantly.

"A procedure to reduce the amount of excess prostate tissue can improve the quality of life for men.

"Using the GreenLight XPS is more convenient for patients than other surgical procedures as they don't need to stay in hospital overnight and they can return to normal activity faster."